What is Wildcard SSL and how does it work?

A Wildcard SSL certificate secures your website’s URL and functions as a public key certificate which can be utilised in procuring multiple sub-domains of one domain.

A single Wildcard certificate can fasten https://www.domain.com (primary) and http://mail.example.com, http://shop.exmaple.com, http://blog.exmaple.com (subdomains).

Obtaining An SSL certificate for a site is an advantage for information and industrial functions that shield the transport of sensitive information about multiple subdomains under a single domain.

Usually, a typical SSL certificate is signed to procure one domain name or sub-domain (e.g. http://blog.domain.com). Some site owners want multiple sub-domains to be secured with an SSL certificate and in that situation; they will need to buy another SSL for every one.

Instead Of purchasing a Wildcard SSL certificate is made available for site owners where it might secure multiple hostnames in one domain under a single server.

Why Should I choose Wildcard certificate?

The Benefit of purchasing wildcard certificate If you install it and after on maintain only one SSL with all the multiple subdomains, rather than purchasing one on each subdomain. It will lower developmental and administrative expenses and simplify certification installation and management.

On A more note, picking a Wildcard SSL certificate will save your more Money if you’ve got multiple subdomains. Frankly, it may be costly than The normal SSL, however, in terms of features and security; you’re Securing all your subdomains in a single price.

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