How to Make Money Blogging

As soon as you’ve gotten sufficient traffic, it is time to perform the job that may make you money!

So, the way to make money blogging? Below are a few of the greatest ways!

1. Google AdSense

Earlier, We mentioned paying for advertisements to acquire traffic now, it is the other way round. Placing advertisements in your site is a fantastic way to earn money blogging.

Google AdSense Is a PPC (pay-per-click) app which lets you display advertisements on your site. It is among the handiest approaches as Google will treat almost everything: that advertisements to show, the billing procedure, etc.. Additionally, you get to personalize which kinds of advertisements to fit your own blog.

Here is the way to place an advertisement on your own blog.

  1. Subscribe to Google AdSense. Complete your information (your own URL, billing address, etc)
  2. Add the confirmation code. Place it between and of each page that you would like to display advertisements on. The simplest way to do this is by installing Ad Inserter plugin. Navigate to Putting >> Advertisement Inserter and click the General Setting emblem, visit the Header tab, and then paste the code
  3. Wait before your account is accepted . The signing up procedure could be rapid but it requires up to 3 times for Google to confirm your account.
  4. Start producing your advertisements . Once your account is confirmed, you will have access to this Adsense dashboard. Head to My Advertising >> New advertisement unit and personalize your advertisements — the title, the dimensions, and the advertisement type.
  5. Copy-paste your advertisement code into your site . You can do it manually by visiting Look >> Widgets and include Custom HTML. Put the widget to some part and paste your code . As an alternative, you can take advantage of the Advertisement Inserter plugin for it. Be certain that you set your ads where your audience can view them straight away.

Now the advertisements are on your own blog, wait for them to find clicks. Sooner or later, you may get to the minimum sum ($100) and you are going to get paid from the close of the month.


  • The Procedure is simple
  • No additional measures required after establishing


  • Bad personalization and positioning may lessen your visitors
  • It requires some time for new sites to get payments

2. Sponsored Content

If Your site has lots of traffic, there’ll be sponsors who wish to conduct business with you. It’s an excellent way to earn money blogging.

Fundamentally, You receive paid by your host (e.g. a business ) to publish posts. What is in it for them? The sorts of posts are intended to help they get more clients — in a kind of testimonials, announcements of new products, revenue, etc..

So, who’ll be writing the content? This is dependent upon your arrangement with your sponsor. If they wish to hold you accountable for the content production, you might choose to bill them more.

Let us look at these measures to utilize sponsored articles to generate money blogging.

  1. Create an investigation report on your site . Should you expect organizations to cover you, then they will be expecting outcomes. Show them how well your site is performing — pageview counts, bounce speed, etc..
  2. Provide your services to local companies . To get first-timers, we advise you to construct your portfolio prior to taking on large corporates. As an alternative, you’ll discover prospective clients in sponsor market web sites like Cooperatize and Tomoson. Make sure you coordinate with the host with your niche.
  3. Negotiate your price. It is possible to use the report to ascertain your fee. Additionally, base the amount on your degree of experience, the quantity of work put into optimizing your site’s layout, and if you are responsible for content production or not.
  4. Publish the sponsored article . If you are in the U.S.A, the law requires one to say that you are composing a sponsored article. Plus, be certain that you coincide with the specific article’s tone and design with yours.

That is it! The longer you do this, the Sooner you may take on businesses which are ready to pay a whole lot more. Although, you might choose to wait until publishing another sponsored article — overdoing it might diminish your traffic. Sponsored content is among the most well-known ways to earn money blogging.


  • It is the more natural-looking advertisement than AdSense
  • You are able to obtain credibility along the way


  • Consecutive sponsored articles can drive away your traffic
  • Deciding the cost could be tricky

3. Online affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is among the most well-known ways to earn money blogging.

This way is very like sponsored content. You have to write an informative article which will benefit a company you associate with.

There is A small difference though — rather than this negotiated fee, you get compensated via the amount of clicks or sales generated via affiliate links.

Here is how to take action:

  1. Pick an affiliate program. There are lots of popular ones like ShareASale, eBay Partners, Shopify Affiliate Program, and so forth. Besides, it is also possible to contemplate Hostinger Affiliate Program where you receive 60% commissions for every sale.
  2. Direct your viewers to click on your affiliate link. Write a persuasive review of a service or product. The more clicks you get, the further you will earn. Additionally, be certain you be clear — state it’s an affiliate article. Trust has a significant part in online affiliate marketing.
  3. Boost your email newsletter subscription. It’s possible to reach a much wider market by delivering the content to your own inbox. It is an effective remedy to obtain tons of clicks.
  4. Prioritize your viewers . If at all possible, you should try out the product first hand. If you do not enjoy it, your viewers might not . Boasting about awful high quality products will damage your site’s standing.

Another thing to Think about is to create Sure the merchandise lines along with your market to maintain your brand undamaged. Additionally, there are helpful plugins which may make the entire process a breeze like ThristyAffiliates and AffiliateWP.


  • A predetermined cost for commission
  • Many accessible affiliate marketing applications


  • Your crowd Isn’t ensured to click or purchase
  • Difficult to Cultivate a client base

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