How To Create And Restore Backups In cPanel

The Backups menu at the section Documents lets you generate/restore copies of:

  • a complete cPanel accounts
  • a MySQL database
  • email filters
  • email forwarders

A complete cPanel backup contains all accounts files, databases, email accounts and preferences.
We recommend developing a complete cPanel backup before any significant data modification/migration.

1. Proceed to cPanel > Documents segment > Backup menu:

2. Click Download a Complete Website Backup:

3. By default, a complete cPanel backup will be stored into your account directory.
Go on and alter Backup Destination if you want to select another goal location for the backup.

Click Generate Backup to move:

4. You will see the following message telling about the start of the backup generation process:

5. Click Go Back to track the condition of the production process actual time.

The green checkmark next to the name will suggest that the backup generation was completed.
Now you Can either download it or browse to the remote server to see if the backup is there:

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